We are Fengco

Fengco Real Time Control AB is a company with over 25 years of experience in model-based and data driven development and control technology. We are specialists in embedded systems with real-time requirements. We offer both hardware and software as well as course activities and consultancy work so that you quickly can get started and be able to spend time on your core competencies. We can also help you meet standards like AUTOSAR and ISO 26262.

Fengco represents dSPACE, with the subsidiaries UAI and Intempora, as well as Model Engineering Solutions in Sweden, thus providing powerful tools to support you throughout the entire development process, from prototype hardware to verifying the finished product. Our tools are well-used in development of control systems for vehicles, airplanes and other mechatronic systems.



dSPACE is a world-leading company in the field of development and testing tools for electronic control units (ECU) and mechatronics. dSPACE was one of the companies that opened this market segment 25 years ago and continues to maintain its innovative power. Using dSPACE systems, controller and ECU manufacturers can dramatically reduce development time and cost while increasing productivity. dSPACE tools are the ideal choice in the model-based development chain for embedded systems.

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Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) specializes in integrated quality assurance of model-based vehicle software. The most well-known tool in MES’s range is Model Examiner (MXAM), which is the market leader for guideline checking Simulink® and TargetLink® models. MES also provides individual consulting services and customized training courses for companies that want to implement, or improve their existing, model-based development activities, introduce new technologies such as AUTOSAR or meet new requirements such as ISO26262. MES customers are major OEM companies and suppliers to the automotive industry. MES is a TargetLink Strategic Partner at dSPACE GmbH and a MathWorks Product Partner.

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Intempora is a partner for testing multisensor driver assistance systems. The main product of Intempora is RTMaps, a component-based software development and run-time environment for PCs and embedded ARM platforms. RTMaps is optimized for CPU efficiency with multicore and distributed systems. The program enables users to timestamp, record, synchronize and play back data from various sensors and vehicle buses. RTMaps also provides a powerful environment for prototyping, testing and benchmarking algorithms in the context of multisensor applications, by integrating users own C++, Simulink or Python code. RTMaps is integrated with dSPACE tool chain for rapid prototyping, software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing. 

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Understand.ai (UAI) is leading within artificial intelligence with focus on automated data analysis, data annotation and scenario generation for autonomous vehicles. UAI provides high-quality training and validation data, to enable development of computer visions and machine learningUAI was acquired by dSPACE in July 2019, and has strengthen the offerings of Fengco by delivering unique, integrated development and test solutions for autonomous driving. 

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