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dSPACE Nordic Support

dSPACE Nordic handles the support for dSPACE and MES products in Sweden. When contacting dSPACE Nordic support a description of the problem as well as the following information is required:

  • dSPACE release
  • Matlab-Release
  • License number
  • any used hardware

To simplify and speed up the handling of support cases please create and attach a dSPACE support information file.

To Create a dSPACE Support File

  1. Execute the dSPACE installation manager
  2. Switch to the tab “Diagnostics” -> “Product Information”
  3. Select “Basic General Information”, “Extended General Information” and the product related to the support request.
  4. Press “Save Information” and name the created .zip file

Updates and Patches

To quickly and easily solve your problems we have the possibility to remotely connect to your computer. Download Fengco Remote Support from the button below and contact us at 

Updates and Patches

We recommend to always use the latest version of the used dSPACE release. The latest versions for each release is found via the button below.


We have had many support questions and several of these are asked frequently. dSPACE FAQ has detailed answers to many questions  e g:

  • Installation related problems
  • License related questions
  • Compatibility
  • Product specific question for e g RTI, ControlDesk, …

MES Support

Support for Model Engineering Solutions (MES) are handled directly by MES.

Phone: +49 30 2091 6463 22


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Product Support Manager

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