SCALEXIO is the latest generation of Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulators from dSPACE, and comes in variations from small off-the-shelf systems to large customer tailored systems. A HIL-simulator, like SCALEXIO, can be used for a broad range of testing, but is mainly utilized for ECU testing. During ECU testing, the ECU is connected to the HIL-system and tested in a virtual environment where, for instance, engines and vehicles are replaced with models. Real loads can also be connected to the HIL-system during ECU testing.

All SCALEXIO simulators are equipped with industrial-grade processors which gives a very high computational capacity. The processors can also be replaced for newer ones when desired. Today’s processors have multiple cores and for extensive simulation models up to seven cores can be used. If this isn’t enough, additional HIL-systems from dSPACE, even older variants, can be connected for more computing capacity.

There are different I/O-solutions for the SCALEXIO so the system can be adjusted after customer needs. The I/O can, for example, be configurated to be either analog or digital from software. Most channels are also equipped with a Failure Insertion Unit (FIU) for fault injection. All configuration of I/O for the SCALEXIO is handled through the graphical tool ConfigurationDesk.

There is also support for Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) so the simulation models can come from different sources.

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