Engineering Services

Fengco is your solution provider and partner in development and testing. We aim to always deliver high quality solutions, and we will be by your side through all phases in your process – from requirement specification and design, to testing and verification. Our experienced Fengco engineers are competent within dSPACE, MES, Intempora and UAI tools. We will support you with small-scale projects as well as complete turn-key solutions. With our engineering services we will help you to quickly start up and integrate our tools in your development and testing process, to establish your own workflow and toolchain towards successful completion. Fengco also offer courses and training within our tools. Read more about our courses and training here 

Installation and commissioning

Thanks to over 20 years of experience, we fully understand the demands placed on testing and development environments. Fengco can assist with integration and start-up of both soft- and hardware in any environment and deliver complete solutions ready to use. Combined with specialized training in how to use the systems, allows us to quickly make fully operational for our customers.  

Application development

Fengco’s software engineers are used to working with model-based development for production and environmental models in testing environments and are experienced with performing tests in development projects. This allows us to support our customers with know-how through the entire testing process.  

Start-up Service

Fengco helps all our customers to quickly get started with products from dSPACE and MES and offers a half day of on-site support to new customers from one of our experienced engineers.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can simplify your testing process.  

Areas and possibilities in short

A short selection of services we can offer in different areas to show an overview of our wide expertise. If you can’t find anything directly relating to your user case, feel free to contact us for a discussion since we offer a lot more than listed below.  

HIL Simulation  

  • HIL systems (from selective services to complete turn-keysystems)  
  • Simulation models  
  • Test management and automation  
  • Consulting  


SIL Simulation 

  • Tool introduction (VEOS)  
  • Integration of virtual validation into customer-specific development processes  
  • Customer-specific tool chains and integration  
  • Cluster/cloud simulation  


Scenario-based Testing for ADAS and AD 

  • Scenario-based test execution  


Test Management and Automation  

  • AutomationDesk jump start  
  • AutomationDesk customization and test automation engineering  
  • Test management and process support  



  • Model parameterization/calibration and validation  
  • Model integration  
  • Model development and adaptation  
  • Models for closed loop simulation:  HIL, MIL, and SIL tests  
  • Integrating ASMs into your development process  


Electrical and Mechatronic Test Benches  

  • Mechatronic test benches  
  • Electrical test benches  
  • Implementation  
  • On-site service  
  • Simulation models  


Software System Architecture  

  • Integrating SystemDesk into customer-specific development processes  
  • Migrating customer-specific architectures  
  • AUTOSAR support  
  • Model analysis and advice  
  • Tool automation  


ECU Autocoding  

  • Tool introduction of TargetLink  
  • Integrating TargetLink into the customer’s development processes  
  • Model analysis and advice  
  • AUTOSAR integration  
  • ECU integration  
  • Tool chain development and maintenance  
  • Consulting  


Rapid Prototyping and Data Logging  

  • Custom I/O solutions  
  • Turn-key prototyping systems (from selective services to complete turn-key systems  
  • ECU interface solutions  
  • Tool introduction and training  
  • Adaption to customized sensor systems