Quality & Environmental Statement

Fengco Real-Time Control AB has, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, established a process-based quality and environmental management system.

Environmental control for sustainable development

Fengco’s over-arching environmental goals are to reduce our negative impact and to be a company that actively strives for continuous improvement regarding environmental topics. We achieve this by identifying within which areas we can reduce our negative impact, and actively work to improve within the identified area.

Environmental Policy

Fengco Real-Time Control AB shall, through active environmental work, contribute to reducing our customer’s environmental impact. Fengco strives to continuously reduce our negative impact on the environment in every facet of our operations. Natural resources are to be preserved as much as possible, by providing products that aid our customers in the development of energy-efficient products. Additionally, Fengco follows current environmental legislation.

Quality management for our customers

Fengco’s goal is to continuously increase our customer’s satisfaction by providing high-quality service and thus fulfilling the demands of our customers. This is done by:

  • being a first-class supplier of tools and know-how for development and testing of mechatronic systems.
  • being keen and responsive to our customer’s needs.
  • acting from a customer-oriented perspective and working to create long-term collaborative relations with our customers.
  • providing products and services that fulfill the demands of our customers.
  • following all applicable legislations related to our operations.
  • developing our quality management principles through continuous improvements.
  • be observant of our quality policy in every employee’s daily work.