VEOS: PC-Based Simulation Platform

VEOS is a PC-based simulation platform for validating the software of electronic control units (ECUs) in early development process stages. A wide range of models – function models, virtual ECUs, bus systems, and plant models – can be simulated with VEOS independently of any specific simulation hardware.

Model Integration

VEOS supports import, connection and simulation of multiple models based in Simulink® or Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI). This enables connection of several models and to simulate them on the same simulation platform for integration simulations. Examples of code and models that can be connected and simulated on VEOS are Simulink® models, ECU-code from TargetLink, AUTOSAR Software Components from SystemDesk or handwritten C-code.

Real-Time Implementation

A virtual platform such as VEOS can very well be integrated in model-based development. For example, models that are going to be tested in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) can be simulated and prepared in VEOS without taking up time in the HIL-environment. Also, in processes such as Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) VEOS can be used to simulate the model or code when the simulation does not require to be executed on the real hardware. VEOS can also simulate large portions of the Basic Software to enable testing of e.g. bus loads or diagnostics.


ControlDesk, AutomationDesk, MotionDesk and other tools that supports ASAM-standards XCP, HIL-API or XIL-API can be used to control, visualize, and automate simulations on VEOS.

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