SIMPHERA is a web-based, highly scalable solution for the simulation and validation of functions for autonomous driving.  

Simulating Autonomous Vehicles

SIMPHERA is a software solution for simulating and validating applications for autonomous driving. The software brings them to life at an early stage, and helps you analyze them and handle their complexity. How? By giving you easy access to powerful functions for simulating the vehicle dynamics, traffic, and more. So, you can trial new algorithms, such as for vehicle control, in the virtual world.

What are the Strengths of SIMPHERA?

With SIMPHERA, users can create, execute, and evaluate very realistic, deterministic simulations to efficiently drive the development of automotive applications. The user interface of SIMPHERA supports this process with structured, role-based access:

Prepare: Define vehicles, create scenarios, and manage the functions under test.

Simulate: Simulate the vehicle interactively with selected scenarios and the functions under test.

Validate: Create test suites, use parameter variation to perform large numbers of concrete test cases, and analyze the results.


Worldwide Collaboration

Wherever the users and the IT infrastructure might be located, SIMPHERA is there, too—as a web-based solution in the cloud or on your company’s server cluster, it can always be accessed directly. Meeting the needs of every user and ideal for worldwide, collaborative use.

Scalable Tests in the Cloud

The number of tests required to validate an autonomous vehicle is considerable. SIMPHERA reduces the time required for testing by executing simulation scenarios in parallel in the cloud. Even if you increase test coverage and test depth, you can keep your projects on schedule.

Seamless Testing on SIL and HIL Platforms

The validation of ECU software begins with early software-in-the-loop (SIL) tests and continues through to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests that check and validate the behavior of the ECUs and the vehicles under real-time conditions. SIMPHERA supports both test methods. This provides a fundamental benefit: Test artifacts can be reused for both SIL and HIL—with no need for conversion between different platforms. This reduces errors, saving both time and costs.

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