RTMaps – Real-Time Multisensor applications – is a component-based environment for development and execution of software which allows developers to timestamp, record, synchronize and replay data from various sensors and vehicle buses.

Multisensor applications play an essential role in many areas such as advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving, multimodal human-machine interfaces, robotics and aerospace. 

Developing these types of applications in the lab or in vehicle requires capturing, synchronizing, and processing data in real time from multiple sensors such as cameras, lidars, radars, or GNSS receivers and interfacing with communication networks/buses, such as Ethernet (e.g., SOME/IP, DDS), CAN/CAN FD, FlexRay, or LIN. During the test and development phase, it is also essential to be able to record, visualize and play back time-correlated data. RTMaps is designed specifically for these use cases. It provides a modular development and run-time environment for x86- and ARM-based platforms supporting operating systems such as Microsoft Windows® and Linux or QNX.

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