RapidPro is a compact, robust and modular hardware for signal conditioning, signal amplification and implementation of advanced I/O. It is suitable for use in all types of vehicles with a battery source between +6 and +60V DC.

Signal conditioning can be used together with a system for Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) in cases where the signal levels in the RCP system aren’t enough. For example, sensors or actuators might require high voltage or current levels to function properly.

The hardware is suited for operation in laboratory as well as in test vehicles. RapidPro comes in different variants and can be tailored with regards to the intended application.

To configure the signal conditioning in RapidPro, ConfigurationDesk is used. It is a graphical tool which provides an overvieaw and full control over the configuration of the system.

Some examples of RapidPro modules are:

  • Powertrains, half bridges, H-bridges and synchronized transistors for three phase control.
  • A/D converters, for voltage- or current driven sensors.

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