ModelDesk is a graphical interface for parameterization of models, managing parameter sets and simulations. It allows management of parameter sets in both offline- and online simulations which makes the tool useful throughout the entire toolchain (for example in both MIL- and HIL-simulations). It also supports automation through Python scrips.

Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) works best when combined with ModelDesk. There is, for example, a graphical interface for parameterization of engines available where everything from number of cylinders to injection charts can be parameterized. Even electrical components can be visualized graphically and parameterized, such as the induced voltage of DC-engines through the utilization of a table. Furthermore, each cell in a battery model can freely be parameterized.

ModelDesk also has a function for generating a road network which the user designs. This road network can then be used to simulate, for instance, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Traffic can also be added to the road network, allowing different traffic situations can be simulated. There is also a function which executes a chosen maneuver for a parameterized vehicle directly in ModelDesk.

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