MicroLabBox (MLBX) is a compact, high-performance development system used for function development in lab environments. It can be used to quickly and easily create control-, test-, or measurement applications for development and evaluation.

MicroLabBox has over 100 I/O-ports which makes it flexible for many different applications. Some examples are robotics, medical technology, electric drive circuits, vehicle and aeronautical applications. The applications are designed in Simulink® and transferred to the MicroLabBox at the press of a button.

With its high-performance Intel processor and low I/O latency, the MicroLabBox is perfectly suited for real-time applications. To further improve flexbility, it contains an FPGA chip which allows for extremely fast control, that can be a requirement for the control of an electric motor for instance.

MicroLabBox is supported by a comprehensive dSPACE software package, including, e.g., Real-Time Interface (RTI) for Simulink® for model-based I/O integration and the experiment software ControlDesk, which provides access to the real-time application during run time by means of graphical instruments.

MicroLabBox comes in several editions with different I/O-ports:

  • Sub-D-ports on the side
  • BNC and Sub-D-ports on top
  • Spring-cage terminals on top

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