MicroAutoBox (MABX) is a complete high performance real-time system which includes both processor (Power PC) and I/O (AD, DA, CAN, Digital I/O, etc.). It is excellent for quick prototyping of functionality and can be used as an ECU during development of ECU-dependent applications. Typical applications where MicroAutoBox is used are in development of powertrains, chassis, ADAS, electric motor control and aircrafts. MicroAutoBox connects to a PC or laptop from which an application can be downloaded. The application is then monitored, parameterized, and regulated with full insight of the system. The application can also be stored on the MABX flash to load at start-up.

MicroAutoBox is suitable for portable applications since it has a similar start up time as an ECU and is fed with direct current. It is also compact, robust and can handle shocks and vibrations according to ISO 16750-3:2007.

MicroAutoBox comes in several different variants, each with different interface and functionalities on the I/O. There are variants which supports all the common communication busses such as CAN, CAN FD, LIN, K/L-Line, FlexRay and Ethernet. If extra signal conditioning is required, RapidPro, which is an off-the-shelf system for signal conditioning, works together with MicroAutoBox. All variants can be integrated with an embedded PC and can be expanded with an FPGA-unit which can be programmed through Simulink®.


The new MicroAutoBox III is the next generation of the established dSPACE MicroAutoBox, a real-time system for performing fast, in-vehicle function prototyping.

The powerful system can be added to or replace an electronic control unit (ECU), and lets you experience and test control functionalities in a real environment. MicroAutoBox III is ideal for many different rapid control prototyping (RCP) applications either as a single demonstrator or for equipping entire test fleets. Examples of application fields are:

  • E-mobility, electrification, and powertrain control
  • Assisted, highly automated, and autonomous driving
  • Chassis, body, and vehicle dynamics control
  • Supervisory and domain control
  • Bus/network gateway and monitoring
  • Noise, vibration, position, and motion control


The MicroAutoBox III uniquely combines high performance, comprehensive automotive I/O including bus and network support, and an extremely compact and robust design – all for a favorable price. The comprehensive software environment lets you configure, program, and operate the system easily and with minimum effort.

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