Environment Sensor Interface (ESI)

For function testing in vehicle simulations to be accurate, it is essential for every modeled and simulated sensor to be properly synchronized. The dSPACE Environment Sensor Interface Unit (ESI Unit) supports time-correlated feeding of raw sensor data to one or more sensor ECUs. 

The ESI Unit supports all relevant sensor interfaces and is crucial for closed-loop and open-loop testing. Advanced sensor simulation in combination with the ESI Unit makes it easy to provide synthetic sensor data under realistic conditions and with low latencies. This is useful for validating functions for autonomous driving in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, in both closed- and open-loop scenarios. It is, for example, able to: 

  • Inject raw camera data via 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 
  • Radar raw data injection via MIPI CSI-2, 
  • Camera raw data injection via TI FPD-Link III or Maxim GMSL, 
  • Simulate up to 12 sensors synchronously, which can be cameras, radars and lidars 
  • Support more than 50Gbit/s of aggregated bandwidth.

If combined with RTMaps, recorded sensor data can also be replayed conveniently. 

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