ControlDesk is the software which connects the user to the real-time simulation. Through ControlDesk, the user can easily control, read and change parameters in Simulink® models which are simulated on the real-time platform. This gives full control and insight of the model during execution in real-time. Dashboards can be designed by the user and are easily built using drag-and-drop technique. I/O-ports from the dSPACE-hardware can be accessed by using RTI-blocks in the simulated Simulink® model.

ControlDesk can be used to calibrate, measure and diagnose ECUs through standardized calibration protocols, such as CCP, XCP and ODX. It is also possible to connect directly to communication busses to get full insight and control over them. ControlDesk also has functionality to manage measurement data in order to evaluate applications and models.

ControlDesk is useful in many different areas and can be used in all stages of development, from functionality on model level to monitoring and controlling simulations of the complete application on the target hardware.

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