AutomationDesk is a graphical tool which offers a powerful and user-friendly test automation environment. It is used to implement test cases and automate tests for around the clock testing. No deep knowledge about programming is required from the user and automated tests can be performed both in early function verification and Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing.

AutomationDesk contains a library of basic functions used to implement test cases. These functions are predefined to easily read and write to, for example, a HIL-simulator, Failure Insertion Unit (FIU) or to a tool used for calibration, measurement and diagnosis of the test target, such as ControlDesk.

AutomationDesk support standards such as ASAM, HIL, API and XIL API. There is also an interface to communicate with third-party tools, such as ModelDesk.

The developed tests can be reused, and a categorized test report is automatically generated, which can save a lot of time during test development.

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