RTMaps for Students!

There is an opportunity for students to download RTMaps for free! With RTMaps, engineers can design and develop innovative applications. By offering free licenses for students, aspiring engineers can prepare for their careers within software development. RTMaps creates possibilities to give life to innovative applications and projects. Us at Fengco wants to give more engineers the opportunities to learn to take advantage of RTMaps early in their careers.

In the free version, students get access to the full version of RTMaps, with a variety of examples and data that can be used during the training period. In order to spread knowledge about the software and support students in the use of RTMaps there is a community for questions and interaction with other RTMaps users.

RTMaps is an abbreviation for Real-Time Multisensor Applications, a highly optimized software tool. It can be used to design, develop, test, benchmark and to validate multisensor applications for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and HAD (Highly Automated Driving). The tool may also be useful for advanced functions in other areas such as autonomous and mobile robots, energy, system monitoring, complex instrumentation and human factors. Using RTMaps facilitates the development process, and you can focus entirely on the algorithm you are working with. RTMaps is a high-performance and reliable system for critical real-time applications.

We at Fengco sees it as a fantastic opportunity for students to get an insight into an important tool such as RTMaps early in their careers, and we want to be involved and contribute to simplifying and offering the tool for Swedish students. We will soon launch a demo that is available for students to run in RTMaps, to facilitate the learning period and get started with their own development in the program faster. Our demo will be a perfect way to get started quickly and easily. Keep an eye on our news channels not to miss the launch, until then you can read more at the links below!

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