dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS)

Over-the-air Simulation of Radar Targets and Echoes for Automotive Radar Sensors


Radar sensors play an important role when it comes to integrating intelligent solutions for assisted and autonomous driving in vehicles.

dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) can efficiently ensure the correct functioning of sensors and developed application software in different phases of the development, production, and release process for sensors and vehicles as well as for aftermarket use. 

dSPACE Automotive Radar Test Systems (DARTS) form a product family for testing radar sensors for use in vehicles. With DARTS, radar sensors can be tested in the laboratory in clearly definable, reproducible scenarios. DARTS simulate object reflections – so-called radar targets – that occur in road traffic at different distances, speeds, and sizes in real time. DARTS plays a decisive role in the validation of radar-based driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles throughout the entire value chain. Powerful devices are available for development and testing in the laboratory, for end-of-line tests during production, for the homologation of a vehicle, and aftermarket.


DARTS is made of high quality components to ensure precise measurements also in high frequency domains that are typically used for safety critical applications. Thanks to the high processing power, DARTS also offers a large spectrum of distance able to be simulated for the targets, ranging from as low as 60 cm to 1 km with the possibility of the target moving during simulation. In addition to this DARTS also holds the following features: 

  • Fully coherent generation of range, Doppler and radar cross section (RCS) as a measure for distance, speed, and size of the simulated objects 
  • True (single-sideband) Doppler spectrum for real-life signals 
  • Continuous real-time processing of radar signal waveforms 
  • Easy switching between radar bands 
  • Any modulation format: pulsed, stepped frequency, FMCW, etc. 
  • Center frequency can be set freely according to radar under test (RUT) 
  • Doppler shifts from ±100 kHz, equal to ±706 km/h 
  • Output amplitude programmable across an 80 dB dynamic range 

If you are interested in a personal demonstration and want to know more about DARTS or other over-the-air sensor testing solutions, please contact us.