Prototyping Systems

dSPACE prototyping systems let you develop, optimize, and test new control strategies in a real environment quickly without manual programming. Rapid control prototyping (RCP) helps you detect design faults and correct them immediately. With the dSPACE implementation software, Real-Time Interface (RTI) and ConfigurationDesk, models designed with MATLAB®/Simulink can automatically be implemented on the dSPACE hardware. Easy-to-use libraries with numerous interface functionalities let you connect inputs and outputs to the model. With the experiment software ControlDesk, you can monitor and tune variables during run time by using graphical instruments. As the prototyping hardware is far more powerful than actual production electronic control units (ECUs) with regard to processing power and memory space, almost no hardware limitations have to be considered. dSPACE prototyping systems can be used as a substitute (fullpassing) or an extension (bypassing) of the ECU. For building your own tailored prototyping system, dSPACE offers a wide range of off-the-shelf software and hardware components for in-vehicle, laboratory or test bench usage. The components are well suited for automotive, aerospace, medical, robotics and many other application fields.