Open Alliance

OPEN Alliance is designed to encourage wide scale adoption of Ethernet-based, single pair unshielded cable networks as the standard in automotive applications. The OPEN Alliance SIG (special interest group) will address industry requirements for improving in-vehicle safety, comfort, and infotainment, while significantly reducing network complexity and cabling costs. dSPACE joined the OPEN Alliance in 2012. […]


In addition to ISO 26262, which refers to functional safety of road vehicles for safety-critical E/E systems, the ISO 21448 SOTIF standard addresses the safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF) to establish a safety standard for driver assistance systems and functions for autonomous vehicles. SOTIF focuses on the absence of unreasonable risks due to hazards […]

ISO 26262

More and more safety-critical systems are part of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles, e.g. integrated chassis management, active front steering, and driver assistance systems such as ACC. The development for those systems must consider additional requirements imposed on process, methods and tools in order to be compliant to functional safety standards. In order to achieve and […]

Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI)

The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is an open standard for the tool-independent exchange and integration of plant models that are provided by various tool vendors. FMI thus simplifies the use of best-in-class tools for specific modeling tasks and the consistent reuse of models in different development phases and in different company departments. dSPACE has signed […]

CharIN: Making CCS a Global Charging Standard

In collaboration with CharIN and its members, dSPACE will drive forward the development and establishment of the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a global standard for charging battery-powered vehicles. Fast, easy-to-use, and reliable charging systems are key components of electric mobility. The development of the CCS as an open and recognized high-performance standard is therefore […]

AUTOSAR Development Partnership

Autosar Classic Platform Embedded Real-Time Systems The AUTOSAR Classic Platform standard focuses on ECU software architectures for deeply embedded systems. The ECU software is statically configured for a specific hardware platform, requiring a minimum computing power. Technical Details In ECU software based on AUTOSAR Classic Platform, the software functions are implemented as software components (SWCs) […]


ASAM Interfaces in the dSPACE tool chain dSPACE: A Founding Member of ASAM In 1998, leading European automobile companies founded the Association for Standardization of Automation- and Measuring Systems (ASAM) to reduce the cost and time of development processes in the field of vehicle electronics. dSPACE was one of the founding members and was already […]

Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA)

Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) The Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) is a consortium of automotive technology companies with the goal of advancing the standardization of asymmetrical, high-performance SerDes (serializer/deserializer) technology for broadband connection of sensors for autonomous driving. dSPACE is a member (Status: Adopter) of the ASA Automotive SerDes Alliance. SerDes standardization is of high relevance […]