Course: TargetLink Basic

The basic course for TargetLink covers all the steps necessary for generating code to control units with TargetLink. TargetLink generates productiongrade C-code for whole-number- or floats-architecture directly from Simulink®/Stateflow®-models. The course covers the whole workflow from a Simulink/Stateflow model to an executable application along with configuring TargetLink.


  • System Engineers, functions developers and software developers
  • Prerequisites: Experience with MATLAB® and Simulink


  • Gaining an overview of TargetLink
  • Transferring a Simulink model to a target system
  • Gaining an understanding of the options for generating code using TargetLink
  • Adapting TargetLink to the development process

Tools and Systems

  • TargetLink Base Suite with simulation and optimization modules

Course Contents

  • TargetLink Blockset
  • Scaling a model
  • Implementation alternatives
  • Code generation
  • Code integration
  • Simulation and verification of C-code
  • Generation of documentation
  • TargetLink API

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