Course: dSPACE Real-Time Systems (PHS Hardware, MicroAutoBox II, MicroLabBox)

Two-day introductory course for dSPACE-based prototype- and HIL-systems. During the first day of the course, you will learn the basics of how dSPACE Real Time Systems work, as well as getting hands on experience with the related tools. The second day includes more advanced features and functionality, teaching you how to make the most out of your dSPACE system and utilize the toolchain more effectively.


  • Engineers working with prototyping or HIL-testing
  • Engineers who have just started working with dSPACE prototyping systems or HIL equipment
  • Recommended: Experience with MATLAB® and Simulink®


  • Setting up systems of dSPACE hardware and software
  • Implementing I/O in Simulink®
  • Building real-time code with Real Time Interface
  • Changing parameters and recording data with ControlDesk
  • Learning advanced functionality

Tools and Systems

  • Single-core dSPACE platforms
  • MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Real-Time Interface
  • ControlDesk

Course Contents

Day 1 - Basics

  • Hardware and software setup
  • Introduction to ControlDesk
  • Platform management with ControlDesk
  • Introduction to Real-Time Interface
  • Implementation of I/O with Real Time Interface
  • Project and experiment management in ControlDesk
  • Using instruments in ControlDesk

Day 2 - Advanced Functionality

  • Recording data with ControlDesk
  • Using ControlDesk for bus communication
  • “Multitasking” and interrupt management
  • Implementing C-code through S-functions

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