Course: Controldesk Basic

This course covers the basics of ControlDesk, and provides all that’s required to work with a prototype or HIL system. After this course, participants will be able to create a project, choose which signals to monitor and with what instruments. It will teach how to do measurements and record data for analysis. The course is scheduled for a full day, and is often combined with the course ControlDesk Advanced for a total of two days of training and education which together provide advanced knowledge on how to use the tool efficiently.


  • Engineers working with Rapid Control Prototyping.
  • Engineers or testers working with HIL-system.
  • Prerequisites: None


  • Creating layouts with instruments from the library
  • Creating custom instruments
  • Managing triggers
  • Conducting measurings and managing the resulting data

Tools and Systems

  • ControlDesk

Course Contents

  • Project management in ControlDesk
  • Instrumenting
  • Data analys
  • Recording data

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