Course: AutomationDesk

The course covers access to HIL platforms and a various tool, e.g., the Failure Insertion Unit, calibration and diagnostic tools, MATLAB®, and ControlDesk. The trainer will show you how to work with custom libraries filled with self-defined generic test steps and complete tests. You can gain hands-on experience in using predefined frameworks for your test implementation.


  • Engineers interested in increasing the productivity of their test environments by utilizing automation
  • Recommended: Experience with ControlDesk


  • Set up automatic tests efficiently
  • Develop reusable tests based on library blocks
  • Develop tests efficiently using debugging
  • Generate meaningful test reports
  • Capture and manipulate real-time signals
  • Perform automatic signal evaluation and post-processing
  • Structure tests with the AutomationDesk libraries

Tools and Systems

  • AutomationDesk
  • ControlDesk

Course Contents

  • The motivation for Automated Testing
  • Introduction to AutomationDesk
  • Test Execution and Test Results
  • Create Tests with the Sequence Builder
  • Framework Builder Library and Test Builder Library
  • Access to dSPACE Hardware (XIL API)
  • Signal Evaluation
  • Signal-Based Testing
  • AutomationDesk Built-In Libraries

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