Welcome to Fengco, Elias & Samuel!

Say hello to our new colleagues Elias and Samuel! Elias has taken on the role of Product Expert and Samuel as Application Engineer. Below you can read a short interview with our new employees. We are so happy to have Elias and Samuel on our Fengco team!


How do you experience your first time with us at Fengco? 
Excellent. There is both camaraderie and competence here. What a bang bunch!

What is the most fun thing about working at Fengco? 
The challenges at Fengco are of a varied nature and you avoid the inertia that exists in large organizations. What more could you want?


What interested you to start with us at Fengco?
The variety and requirements to be at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry. The opportunity to work with sales, support and as a consultant for customers is something that makes Fengco unique. This was very attractive to me as a recent graduate, a broad position with great opportunities for personal development and new knowledge. What Fengco offers its customers is also of great interest to me, so I was looking forward to working with the products Fengco sells now and in the future.

How do you experience your first time with us at Fengco?
Incredibly fun and educational. Already during my first month I have learned a lot and felt challenged by the projects/tasks I have been assigned. I have received a very welcoming welcome from my new colleagues and the work environment at Fengco is something all companies should strive for. I’m happy to be a part of the Fengco team!