Welcome, Robin!

Robin Gunnarsson has been a part of the Fengco-team since August 2nd, after receiving his Master in Computer Science from Halmstad University, with a focus on intelligent systems.

What attracted you to Fengco? 

Robin: The opportunity for my self-development. The automotive industry is constantly evolving. We are currently leaving fossil fuel and moving to electric power, not least a development towards the long-term goal of fully autonomous vehicles. Fengco’s customers test and develop the next generation of vehicles. To be part of the process at such an early stage is very exciting. But with it comes the requirement to constantly learn new things and to keep up with (or even stay one step ahead) the very latest in the automotive industry.

During your studies, you have focused on AI (artificial intelligence), how can this expertise be used at Fengco?

Robin: Artificial intelligence is one of many tools used to reach the goal of self-driving vehicles. It is already implemented in some of the cars ADAS functionality. One popular area of use in the automotive industry is computer vision. A camera only brings out the image, whilst AI reads the contents of it. In our latest tool, Simphera, AI is used to speed up the testing process, which means that you can test more in less time.

Robin is going to be a valuable asset to our Fengco-team, and we can’t wait to see all that he will accomplish!