Welcome, Jacob!

Jacob Röing joined our Fengco-team on August 16th, after completing his studies at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) with a master’s degree in Mechatronics.

Q1: What have you experienced during your first weeks at Fengco?

Fengco is a very welcoming workplace and I already feel part of the team. I have made good contact with everyone at Fengco, both at the office in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The first time has largely consisted of internal training where I have learned how Fengco works as a company and all the tools that I need to keep track of in the role as an Application Engineer. Soon, I will continue my training and eventually apply the knowledge in customer cases. In a few weeks, I will be taking part in a take-over test where we deliver and install a larger system ordered by a customer, which I am looking forward to.

Q2: How will you contribute to the Fengco team?

In addition to my broad knowledge and great interest in mechatronics, I believe that my pedagogical vein will be of great benefit to Fengco internally and in customer contact. Since Fengco conducts course activities and support, I believe that my experience in presentation technology and education will be well used in the future. It feels good to have such a social engineering role in the transport sector where you get to contribute to the development of new vehicles.

We’re so happy to have you with us, Jacob!