Say Hello To Our New Colleague, Lars Petersson!

We start the year in the best of ways by introducing our new colleague, Lars Petersson!

Although Lars may be new to Fengco, he has solid and long experience as he has worked with testing in several of the Swedish automotive industries. Mostly ECU and system testing of infotainment in everything from boxcar to HIL. Lars has also worked with the exterior lighting and physical testing of airbags.

How do you experience your first time at Fengco?

Lars: A warm welcome. Lots to learn and mostly hands-on, tricky but fun. Everyone is helpful, we help customers and each other.

How will you contribute to the Fengco team?

Lars: With my experience as a tester, I bring with me an understanding of test writing and the complex situation that version and the variant flora entails.

We are so happy that Lars has joined our team!