GNSS Simulations in a HIL System

Many vehicle applications are dependent of satellite-supported detection of vehicle position. Since satellite availability and quality of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) could vary depending on where in the world the vehicle is located, the applications must be carefully tested in many different scenarios. Fengco has now together with Provinn created a simulation that shows how this can be done.

This kind of tests can in the future be used to develop applications who demand satellite data to determine vehicle position, such as navigation systems, electronic horizons and V2X communication. Fengco has delivered a dSPACE SCALEXIO hardware, MotionDesk and ASM (Automotive Simulation Models) to the project, which has been connected to the simulator of Provinn, GSS7000 from Spirent.

In the project, custom I/O modules have been used, to enable SCALEXIO to create output from the vehicle model, which is transferred to the GNSS simulator in order to generate GPS signals. In that way it is possible to simulate the movement of the vehicle at the same time as the vehicle receive position data from simulated satellites.

This enables real input to control of simulations on GNSS simulators, such as GSS7000, which streamlines test processes and increases accuracy when testing GNSS based driving functions. We have also imported real roads to the model from OpenStreetMaps® in order to know exactly where the vehicle is located. Of course, the engineers from Gothenburg at Fengco and Provinn choose to test the simulations in a model of the center of Gothenburg.

It has been a very interesting project, and we think it is really cool that we, as a specialist in systems of development and testing, can collaborate with Provinn that is a specialist in test systems of GNSS, in order to create new and unique solutions. Together we can ensure effective test processes when developing the vehicles of the future.

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