Research Institutes

For Research Institutes

Many universities and colleges use dSPACE systems for both research and tuition with great results. There are many ready-made packages with products for everything from model-based development to control engineering. We offer favourable prices to universities and colleges on all dSPACE systems.

Advanced Control Education-kit

We recommend the Advanced Control Education kits (ACE-kits) that are specially designed for universities and colleges. They contain both the hardware and software needed to very favourable prices and come in several different versions. There are ACE kits that contain everything from simple one-card solutions to complete hardware systems with all the necessary software. For example, one package contains hardware that is powerful, but small in size, making it ideal for the lecture hall or the laboratory. The systems are well suited to both advanced research and development as well as lectures in control engineering. To upgrade existing licenses to the latest version, we charge but a small administrative fee.

Class Room Licenses

We offer dSPACE software as classroom licenses. This provides universities with quality software to a significantly reduced price for 10 or more students. From software architecture (SystemDesk), generation of production code (TargetLink) to virtual validation (VEOS), these classroom licenses will cover several steps in model-based development for control systems. This can be further supplemented by extensive simulation models (ASM).