Medical Engineering

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Safety and reliability are the top priorities in medical engineering – and also a major challenge with the increasing complexity brought by innovative procedures and combinations of medical devices. The solution comes from reliable, sophisticated development tools, that support your process even while minimizing the time and cost of your projects. 

Our products enable the manufacturers of electronic controls and control units to dramatically cut their development times and costs, and systematically increase their productivity. 

From Early Concept to Volume Production

dSPACE tools support all stages of model-based development  by integrating the MATLAB®/Simulink® environment: 

  • Medical device design: Using dSPACE off-the-shelf hardware components ensures efficient development of algorithms and controller functions. Medical devices can be validated at an early stage without expensive and time-consuming in-house developments. 
  • Automatic code generation: Target code is generated straight from your verified function models with no manual programming, ensuring consistency between model and code. Different simulation options support the verification process from the model level early in the development process to the final code. 
  • Medical device tests: Single software functions or whole medical devices are tested automatically in a simulated environment and with various test scenarios. 


You can use dSPACE software and hardware for your entire development process or in individual stages. Whichever you choose to do, they will have a real impact on efficiency. These are examples of how our products can be used in medtech applications: 

  • Prosthetics: Prototyping control systems for prosthetic limbs and validating their functionality 
  • Testing and validation of medical sensors 
  • Development and validation of medical tools 
  • Generation of production code for control units 


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We assist you in quickly getting started with your dSPACE equipment and our competence is at your disposal in all parts of your development process – from requirements and design to verification.

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